Pero - matto

Peromatto sinks its roots in tradition and moves its ramifications in harmony with nature.


Peromatto is a contemporary textile block printing workshop that sinks its roots in the age-old artisanal tradition of 'rust printing', stampa a ruggine, particular to the Romagna region of Italy. 


This ancient method is an artisanal tradition unique to this region of Italy and the first mentions of its existence go back 500 years. It's a hand-block printing technique that is completely manual, each block is impressed on the fabric with the help of a mallet. This art is particularly unique for its all-natural colour extracted from rust.

We believe in the intrinsic quality of handmade creations, in their uniqueness and the time that is necessary for them to be made with artistry.


Each piece of fabric tells a unique story because everything, from the wooden block designs, the creation of colours and dyes, the sewing and printing is rigorously handmade mixing tradition and inventiveness. 


We use solely natural fabrics, dyes and colours. 

Our main and only printing colour is created following an ancient recipe with three simple ingredients; vinegar, flour and rust.

We also use natural colours; blu extracted from woad (isatis tinctoria) and red extracted from madder (rubia tinctorium) to print. 


Peromatto was born from our encounter, our love for this part of the world and our fascination for its artisanal traditions. 

Together we use creativity and artistry to create ethical and sustainable products, recuperating  age-old gestures and methods to keep them alive and contemporary. 

Peromatto workshop is situated in Santa Sofia, a small town in the inland of the Romagna region, Italy .
HEREeverything is created by hand with inventiveness and creativity.